Taladas re-imagined through the lens of Howardian Pulp Fantasy

The concept with this campaign is to re-imagine the whole of the history of Taladas and Krynn in a totally different light. Broadly speaking, although the peoples and places may be fairly familiar, the history behind how they got to where they are in the present time of the campaign world, and the depth and character of them, is very possibly entirely new (different from the canonical sources). Taking liberties to bring Taladas in line with 4e D&D, as well as the addition of much greater complexity to the cultures and peoples, and breaking from traditional high-fantasy tropes (especially those I see as far overdone in all the commercially available D&D campaign settings), are just a few of the motivating principles in my “reboot” of the Taladas setting.

A few additional Philosophical Elements are:

  • The world does not neatly divide into a binary struggle between light and dark or good and evil.
  • There are no “evil” races or cultures as such, just more or less violent ones and more or less xenophobic or aggressive ones. Obviously there can be and are often tensions between different cultures or nations, but none of these are objectively inherently “Evil”.
  • There are no “evil” Gods. There are Known and Unknown (or Forgotten) Gods. Some are seen as more or less ominous (or downright threatening and dangerous). Any can be appealed to or seen as needing appeasement. However, any that would seek to make pacts with such higher forces as gods or god-like entities are courting disaster. The powers of gods are widely seen as the domain of the gods alone. Mortals shouldn’t tread that ground lest they bring about a second cataclysm.

A Dark and Ancient Fire